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About Us

Nieta da Ponte Rocha and Nuno Carvalho, from Azores and from Alentejo, merge the same principles and values in a project made from great harmony between decoration and construction.

The ecological message and work expertise are mandatory premises.

The Eco-cabin by Nieta Atelier is a state of sustainable art, a way of living within the global circular economy criteria. This project has a strong cultural and social profile and might emerge “at the four corners of the world”.

The brand will launch annually a collection “within one cabin” inspired in a different region using it’s waste and materials. This collection is composed by exclusive designs of new construction materials, furnishing, textile and decorative pieces.

For the development of this project the company is relying on a vast team of co workers with long term experience in the execution of cabins for more than 20 years in multiple countries such as France, Italy, Brasil and New York, United States

Nieta da Ponte Rocha

In 1999 Nieta Rocha left her hometown Angra do Heroísmo in Terceira island, Azores, to begin her academic journey at the University of Minho in Guimarães where she founded her first atelier providing architecture and interior decoration services.

The projects that were made regarding interior decoration design led to an intense national research for different textures, patterns and new forms of inventive work at the Atelier, resulting in a new ambition to create a brand of exclusive products that would stand out from the conventional.

Being located at an area where most Portuguese textile industries are, very early Nieta understood that she could convert the vast range of high quality unprocessed organic matter, qualified as waste by the industries as new designed products. A sustainable transformation concept was born contributing to the outflow of materials that would otherwise be considered dischargeable or expendable. The Atelier is compromised in developing eco design by reinterpreting waste, transforming it into several elements that will also compose and construct an interior decoration.

After twenty years Nieta returns to her origins in Angra do Heroísmo where she opens her Atelier developing the exact same work, creating an annual collection inspired in any region of the World. The main challenge for the Atelier will always be giving use to each region’s waste and organic materials. All collections will be presented at the interior of an ecological cabin exclusively designed by Nieta Atelier. The decorative elements are unique pieces, made at the Atelier or in partnership with artisans and national enterprises.

Throughout her career Nieta collaborated with several renowned national enterprises of interior design. She participated in several international fairs, such as Formex (Stockholm) and Maison&Objet (Paris), being referenced for several occasions as a trend.

In 2019 she receives the Mobis “Woman of Sucess” prize from “Mobiliário em Notícia” (furnishing trends) magazine. The Mobis prize was created in 1999 with the goal of awarding and paying tribute to the best Portuguese entrepreneurs from areas such as furnishing, architecture and design in different categories.

Nieta da Ponte Rocha is also a certified artisan by the Regional Centre of Handicrafts in Azores (CRAA) with serial artisan production (number 220730) for artisan weaving activities (number 00102) and manufacturing of clothing accessories (number 000107).

It ended this year 2020 the course in Sustainability Management and Leadership. This course is an initiative of the Azorean Government regarding it’s commitment with the Archipelago’s sustainable destination certificate.

Nuno Carvalho

Nuno Sobral de Carvalho has his office located in his hometown Carvalhal, county of Grândola in Portugal for more than twenty years, where he provides services in the area of civil construction. After many years and a lot of effort, between construction work and studies, he had his degree as a supervisor and construction work expert.

Today he owns a leader SME at his county with 187 direct coworkers and 320 indirect coworkers.

“I do not own employees. I own an extraordinary team of professional coworkers”

He is one of the most referenced people in all Comporta when it comes to high quality Cabin construction. Valuing everyone and everything throughout his career of excellence and virtue, Nuno has always portrait a constant awareness for the preservation of nature within the ecological and sustainable criteria and parameters.

Being represented for numerous times at covers of International magazines such as Vogue or Elle Decoration, his work can be seen anywhere in the World from France to Italy, Rio de Janeiro and New York.

“It is our mission to create a model ecosystem where economy and ecology unite forming means to preserve the territory and it’s population.”

Comporta Utopia

Nuno Sobral de Caravalho is part of the General Association Assembly for Sustainability of Comporta team, “Comporta Utopia” project.